Friday, December 19, 2008

Why I'm picking the Panthers

On a week-to-week basis, the NFL reverses field as much as Deion Sanders used to on punt returns. It’s inherently unpredictable, which is part of the reason they can keep on building more giant casinos in Las Vegas.

In any big game, you can make a case for both teams.

** The Giants’ case this week would be: New York has been embarrassed two weeks in a row. The Giants will be highly motivated. They will be playing at home. They will likely have running back Brandon Jacobs on the field again, and he’s bigger than a lot of defensive linemen. They know they can clinch homefield advantage with the victory (as can Carolina, as both teams are 11-3). They know how to play in Giants Stadium, especially in wicked weather. Tom Coughlin is going to make their lives miserable if they don’t win this one. And they are the defending Super Bowl champions.

** The Panthers’ case would be: Carolina is 2-0 the past two weeks in big games, while the Giants are 0-2. Carolina has scored at least 28 points in the past five games, while in the past two the Giants scored only one garbage-time touchdown. DeAngelo Williams is the league’s hottest back. Eli Manning got sacked eight times last week, and when Plaxico Burress shot himself in the thigh, he also shot the Giants’ offense in the foot. John Fox knows how to win at Giants Stadium, even in the sort of bad weather that is expected tonight.

** I don’t pretend to know what will happen Sunday night, but I will tell you this: I’ve picked the Panthers’ outcome correctly the past six weeks in a row.
So here’s my shot at seven straight.

Carolina 13, New York 10.


Peter said...

Hey Scott, do you think any of our injuries will hurt our chances? Especially if Jacobs plays?

Vikram said...


You forgot an important statistic. The Panthers at 3-3 playing away and the Giants are 6-1 at home. Although I sincerely hope your prediction comes true.

Michael said...


You forgot an important statistic. The Giants are 1-5 in their last six home games in the month of December, including five straight losses dating back to 2005. The Panthers are 5-1 in their last six road games in the month of December, dating back to 2005. Although I sincerely hope your pessimism disappears for a long time.

South Carolina Regulators said...

Thank you Scott. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was hoping you would pick the Panthers. What a great guy you are. You need not worry Scott. The Panthers will win because of the "Lucky Butterscotch candy". And I'm the guy who has it wrapped. The legend of the "Butterscotch candy" started when we were down and out and no hopes of winning the game. As soon as I selected one from the bag and put it in my mouth, SHAZAM!! Out of the blue the magically candy took control and Gamble intercepted a pass. We won!! Now I only use the magic of the Butterscotch when we are in deep trouble. There was one game when I had to put it in my mouth in the early 4th quarter. It was so good that me mouth began to salivate uncontrollably. I was terror stricken at the thought of the magic melting in my mouth. So I did what any other loyal Panther fan would have done. I placed the magically Butterscotch on the tip of my tongue, stuck my tongue out and closed my lips. I still had the magic going but as it was outside my mouth, the salivation stopped. I was able to keep the magic going as I sit there with the candy on the tip of my tongue for an entire quarter, and we won. We each must do our thing Scott. You keep picking the Panthers to win and I'll keep the magical Butterscotch on the tip of my tongue. (charlesbright) (I give up on trying to figure out Google's passwords management- they let me in sometimes and then they block me at other times)

daryl said...

Trying to do too much, Jake loses this one for Panthers!

startsomething said...

31-30, Panthers. Last minute field goal.

Michael said...

Trying to do too much, daryl dies of a brain aneurysm after attempting to type two full sentences at once.