Tuesday, December 9, 2008

5 things I liked about Panthers' win over Tampa Bay

There was a lot to like about Carolina’s 38-23 win over Tampa Bay in Charlotte on “Monday Night Football,” which gave Carolina (10-3) the NFC South lead by one game with three to play. Here were my favorite 5 things:

** A franchise-record 299 total rushing yards. And it would have been 300 if Jake Delhomme hadn’t done the “victory kneel” on the game’s final two plays for minus-1 yard each time. DeAngelo Williams (franchise-record 186 rushing yards) and Jonathan Stewart (115) were the biggest stars of this game with 2 TDs apiece. But the offensive line and FB Brad Hoover all get assists for the best rushing day in franchise history.

** The likelihood of a playoff home game. It’s been a long time since there’s been a playoff game in Charlotte – since the 2003 season. This win made it a lot more likely. If the playoffs began today, Carolina would be the No.2 seed with a first-round bye to boot. And if Carolina wins all 3 of its remaining games – a very difficult task given the schedule – it would pass the New York Giants and become the NFC’s No.1 seed.

** The Panthers’ four-play, 90-yard drive in the fourth quarter, which was entirely on the ground and broke Tampa Bay’s will. It went like this: DeAngelo for 41 yards; Stewart for 3; Stewart for 30; DeAngelo for 16 and a TD. Amazing.

** Julius Peppers and Jon Beason. In a spotty defensive performance -- has anyone covered Antonio Bryant yet?? -- the Panthers’ two biggest defensive stars both made their presence felt. Peppers got to Jeff Garcia for 1.5 sacks and also blocked an extra point, and Beason made a key goal-line stop and recovered an onside kick.

** The crowd. Loud, rowdy and inspired, it was the best atmosphere in Charlotte at least since that home playoff game vs. Dallas in 2003, and some Carolina players said it even topped that one.


Jennifer said...

I dont care if I am a die hard Panthers fan, this was one of the best Monday Night games, I have watched.

Ronde Barber is gonna be seeing " talk to the hand" in his sleep tonight from S&D, and Gruden is having nightmares other than on Elm Street!!

Agree with the shout to Pep and Beason, Pep looked like a beast going after Garcia on that sack..

Great Entertainment, Great Monday Night Win and nice article Mr. Scott...

GO PANTHERS !!!!!!!!!!!

sdcajun said...

Great team effort last night--new leaders every week with this team which is great to see. Hopefully we will have a couple of home games during the playoffs.

Derek said...

Somebody PLEASE tell me that there's a picture of Stewart's stiff-arming of Barber to be found somewhere online. Please!

Brooks said...

I have to agree with Jennifer. I bleed Panther Blue, but I think that even if I hated both teams I would have enjoyed watching this game. Exactly the way ESPN wanted it to happen, with a tie game going into the 4th quarter and tons of excitement to finish the game.


samurai said...

Wow, what a game! I live out of state wedged firmly in Redskin, Raven, and Steele territory so prime time games are nuggets for me... and the Panthers played BIG last night.

That was a good game for a football fan to watch, and even better one for a Panther fan to watch!

It is too soon to count anything. Denver is hungry, the Giants will be fighting to hold on to that coveted #1 playoff spot... and the Saints have never sat down against the Panthers. Carolina cannot idle the next 3 weeks. The rest of the NFC South is hot on their heals and breathing heavy...

Here's hoping for a 29-3 NFC South home record!

Rob said...

Here ya go Derek.

Jennifer said...

haha thanks for the link to that video Rob, just watching it over and over, De had some power behind that arm.

Lovin some "SMASH & DASH"..

Kudos to them last night in their run game...


From Monday Football to Sunday Night with the Giants..

We are the Panthers, about time they hear us roar lol!!!!

Lets finish this out fellas, take home field advantage and stiff arm a few more peeps <:-)

You definitely made this Panther fan proud to watch you host a MONDAY NIGHT GAME...

FSYouth said...


You are Da Man!