Sunday, December 21, 2008

Panthers up 21-13 at half (and a snowball warning)

Carolina goes into halftime with an 8-point lead, with three DeAngelo Williams TDs providing the margin so far. Williams now has an NFL-high 19 TDs this season.

The Giants sliced Carolina's lead from 21-10 to 21-13 with a 35-yard John Carney FG with less than a minute left. Jon Beason had a chance to make an interception to end that drive, but dropped a ball that was first deflected by Julius Peppers.

Still, the half has gone very well for the Panthers, who would have gladly taken an 8-point lead halfway through the game if someone had offered it. Both teams have scored on 3 drives in the first half, but Carolina has been able to punch it into the end zone every time and the Giants only once -- that's the difference.

Incidentally, there could be a dangerous situation here. Although there's no snow on the field because of the tarp that covered it, there's snow all over the stands. A few angry fans have tossed snowballs so far onto the field when angry at a perceived injustice by game officials -- once, after Steve Smith's "overturned-on-review" replay, there were enough snowballs that several Panthers put on parkas on the sideline for protection.

If there was a huge controversial call in this game that didn't favor the Giants, everybody better duck and cover.


Rodger said...

Any update on Jonathan Stewart? Hoping that he's OK.

Jennifer said...

Good to see Stewart back out there.