Sunday, December 21, 2008

14-10 Panthers: Carolina's offense is red hot

So much for this being an extremely low-scoring games: There have been 4 drives in the game so far, and every one of them have netted points. It's now 14-10, Carolina, with 8:12 left in the second quarter, as DeAngelo Williams just scored his second TD of the game.

The Panthers got a scare on their second possession when rookie RB Jonathan Stewart went out on a 7-yard gain to the Giants' 30, causing an official timeout. However, Stewart walked off the field under his own power during the timeout (but has yet to return). Stewart was shaken up with a head injury, though, and his return to the game is questionable.

DeAngelo did another one of his signature across-the-field cutbacks on the next play after Stewart left, going 16 yards after starting right and going all the way back left.

Then came Delhomme to Steve Smith yet again for 10 yards to the Giants' 3. On first down, DeAngelo was stuffed for minus-2. But on the next play, DeAngelo followed great blocks from Jordan Gross and Muhsin Muhammad for his second TD of the game.

DeAngelo now has 18 TDs this season to lead the NFL. It seems somewhat laughable now that Stewart was supposed to score most of Carolina's rushing TDs this season -- remember, he was originally supposed to be the Panthers' designated short-yardage back.


Anonymous said...


Any details on Stewart?

Scott Fowler said...

head injury -- questionable to return at this moment.

Jennifer said...

Im holding my breath this entire game....

Any word on Stewart yet, even though looks like Williams is having a GREAT game....

Heres to the guy sucking on those butterscotch and knocking on wood for your 7th straight..

Hope to hear update on Stewart at half?