Sunday, December 21, 2008

Giants field and playoff update

The field here in "New Joisey" doesn't look like it's going to be an issue at all tonight. I'm here in the press box at Giants Stadium, and the field looks practically pristine. It was obviously covered through all the snow, because players are running and throwing on it with no problems.

It is very c-c-c-c-o-o-ld outside, though (and clear, and windy). It is so windy, in fact, that I just saw John Kasay miss a practice field goal, banging the ball off the upright from 17 yards away. The temperature is currently 33 degrees.

If any of your friends are here, I hope they bundled up. Many of the seats are absolutely encrusted with snow, meaning when the fans actually arrive (it's 90 percent empty at the moment, as most people are still tailgating in front of fires outside) they will first have to scrape a layer of snow off the place they plan to sit. Ouch.

Meanwhile, what happened to Tampa Bay (9-6)?
The Bucs have now lost 3 in a row after today's 17-point loss to San Diego and are in danger of missing the playoffs entirely. Their entire season seemed to go south when they got that Monday Night whipping from the Panthers. Atlanta (now 10-5), on the other hand, is playing very well and now has clinched a playoff spot. The Falcons are also still alive for the NFC South title IF Carolina (currently 11-3) loses tonight.

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