Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I like "The Big Trade"

So here it finally is: an actual blockbuster trade for the Charlotte Bobcats.

The Bobcats just shook up their season by trading their best scorer, shooting guard Jason Richardson, to Phoenix for big man Boris Diaw and defensive specialist Raja Bell. (Phoenix also gets Jared Dudley and a second-round pick and Charlotte gets rookie point guard Sean Singletary).

Do I like it? Yes, I do.

The Bobcats lose a lot of scoring. But they gain defense and rebounding, which are their two biggest flaws.

Look, it wasn't working this season for the Bobcats. Again. They are now 7-15 after Tuesday night's loss to New Orleans and absolutely weren't going to make the playoffs with the current configuration.

Of the Bobcats' two best players -- Richardson and forward Gerald Wallace -- I'd rather them have traded Richardson. I think Wallace does more for them than Richardson did – he’s a better defender, more athletic and more versatile.

I also think Adam Morrison and Matt Carroll can shoulder some of the scoring load that Richardson leaves behind. This team had too many jump shooters and has had for a long time, and Richardson was the only one of those bombers who could bring a decent price elsewhere.

Bell is just the sort of defense-first player -- he's made the NBA's All-Defensive squad twice -- that Larry Brown wants. He can also shoot threes very well, although he's not as pure a scorer as Richardson.

Diaw has been coming off the bench for Phoenix behind all-star Amare Stoudemire, but it's hard to imagine he won't start in front of Sean May here. (He has been described as a poor man's Rasheed Wallace, without as much talent or as many technicals, either).

Michael Jordan and Rod Higgins had to do something to put some sizzle into this Charlotte season. This isn't the best trade ever made. But it's far from the worst. And it will certainly make this season – and these Bobcats -- more interesting.



Anonymous said...

Skeptical. Wasn't a fan of Richardson (poor defender). But the players acquired are less than impressive. Regardless, the Bobcats are a poorly run, incompetent organization.

Michael said...

I'm happy for Terry Porter (and JRich).

Chris D said...

The problem is not so much the players. The problem is the organization, the look, the feel, everything that says Bobcats. This team does not appeal to the people of the Greater Charlotte area. The whole organization has this hip-hop look and feel to it. The Hornets came in as a classy organization. I am not sure what the solution is but as long as Bob Johnson owns this team I do not think that Charlotte will embrace them. Sell the team to MJ, change the name to something that relates to the area and burn the mascot's suit!

lovejonez said...

Chris D...stop with the racism charlotte folks are so racist...everything you comment on has racial overatures.....Find God because you want to hide behind your blogs and blame minorities for all your city problems...You complainer are all part of the problem....

Tim said...

I do not think it is racism. Bob did a poor job with this team. Chris stating to sell the team to another african american MJ, shows you are a reactionist. How can he be racist when he wants it sold to another african american. BobCats came in to charlotte trying to ride the hip hop trend. With there music selection during the game. Entertaiment at half time. But over the last two years, of which I have owned season tickets. They have changed alot of things.

Now back to the trade. I think they are building up for another big trade. Look at all our guards; Felton, DJ, Carol, singletary, brown, and Bell. That is way to many Guards.

pingman said...

Making a statement that "The whole organization has this hip-hop look and feel to it" isn't racist, it is many people's perception. And perception is reality in the mind of the customer, ask any Marketing professional. I am a former Pistons season ticket-holder, and a Bobcats fan. But if I'm going to spend big bucks to go uptown and see an inferior product, I want to feel safe.
You can blame "racist" fans for the Bobcats problems, but look at the performance of Bob Johnson-
He has constantly turned over people in leadership roles, firing several of the few good hires he made. He has given authority for talent acquisition to a guy who drafted Kwame Brown with the no. 1 overall pick. He has responded to ineffective marketing by reducing the staff and budget. He approved such a bad contract for tv rights he had to give Time-Warner a sweetheart naming rights deal to get out of it. I could go on and on, but you can't blame any of that on racism. I was extremely disappointed the day Stern picked Johnson over Larry Bird and Steve Belkin as owners for the new franchise. Had nothing to do with race. Bird had a track record of success at many levels in the NBA other than playing(unlike MJ). Johnson had money, and little else. Imagine where our team would be if Larry Bird was living in Charlotte(he committed to doing that) and running the team. The Hornets were wildly succesful til their owners started acting like jack-asses. An NBA team can be successful in Charlotte again, but it won't happen with incompetent ownership. And skin color has nothing to do with that.

Anonymous said...

Here in Arizona we saw Diaw win the NBA's most improved player, starting as the Suns won ~60 games (the year Stoudamire was out with knee surgery). He needs to start or else an attitude problem; doesn't like to train in the off-season, likes his French wine with dinner... Basically, Boris is a head case; but if MJ can inspire, he can bloom again.
Bell older, has lost a quarter-step, but a true locker-room motivator with an affordable contract.
Between them, call it 60 minutes per game on teams that have won at least 54 games each of the last 4 seasons.
In the East those 6-7-8 playoff spots are up for grabs. Very possibly these 2 guys will get you there.


Chris D said...

lovejonez, I do not live in Charlotte. I do not even live in the Carolinas. This is an outsiders perspective.

I am not blaming African Americans for the Bobcats failure. I am blaming the style and marketing of the team. This team is mismanaged.

You don't even have to win games to be successful in Charlotte. The Charlotte Hornets (losing) set attendance NBA records for almost 10 years straight. Each NBA city has their own unique community to sell their product to and the Bobcats did not put a lot of thought into selling the new team. They needed to target the corporations and white, middle-class people that make up the majority of the Charlotte suburbs. This is not a racist statement - this is just being real. Again it is not so much the players, it is the organization. The team has a BET feel to it. There is nothing wrong with being hip-hopish but don't expect to sell many tickets in the Charlotte market.

They hit a homerun with drafting Okafor. He is classy, smart and is a great person to build a team around. But everything else has been questionable. They had a chance to draft Chris Paul by trading their 2 lottery picks. Felton and May or Chris Paul?

Bob Johnson either moves the team (if he can) or sells the team to MJ and investors within 2-3 years.

Hopefully we can get a #1 pick in the near future.

Joe said... been talkin' to Bell's agent? Raja hasn't been a "defense first" player for a few years. Ever since he discovered how fun it was to run down the floor and spot up at the 3 point line. As a Suns fan, I've always liked Diaw, but he has to be constantly motivated. Bell is a streak shooter..when he's on, it great, but when he's off, the ball clanging on the rim can be heard for a great distance..however, it doesn't stop him from casting up threes. I think we got the better part of this trade.

Lee's Beez said...

Has Bell scored yet for the Bobcats? It seems I see a lot of ZERO's in the box score. As a season ticket holder, he has just not fit in as of yet. Diaw has looked very good so far. I will say though I sure like when DJ and Raymond are running the back court. I think that we may have an allstar in the making with DJ.