Sunday, December 14, 2008

30-10 Carolina: the value of Kasay

John Kasay is really having a Pro Bowl year for Carolina. He has now made 24 of 25 FGs this season, and his only miss was from 58 yards. All year long. He's made every extra point, too. The guy has been amazing.

Kasay has now gone 3-for-3 in this game, as Carolina has a 30-10 lead and is just trying to run out the clock about midway through the fourth quarter.


usirsclt said...

Scott, I agree that Kasey, our soul surviving original Panther has been of great value to the team, considering he's scored 12 of the 30 points.

Speaking about points, any idea where he stands in overall scoring the NFL record book?

Considering the length of his career, he's gotta be close to Top 10 status.

Michael said...

Indeed...pretty clear that extension will end up paying off if we can consider any kick from 50 in to be automatic.

Guy above, if you're talking about our kicker, John KasAy, he's 8th all time in FGs made (just one behind Nick Lowery), 11th in scoring, and 17th in FG%.

usirsclt said...

Thanks for the info Michael. Are those stats you were quoting including today's game as well?


Michael said...

Yes. You can usually track his progress in the postgame notes on It gets tougher, though, because a lot of the guys ahead of him on those lists are still active (Jason Hanson, Jason Elam, Matt Stover, etc.)