Sunday, December 14, 2008

6 things I liked most about Carolina's win

The 11-3 Panthers just took a two-game lead in the NFC South with only two games left in the regular season on another successful Sunday with their 30-10 win over Denver. Although still not officially guaranteed a playoff spot, they are all but in and have a very good chance at a first-round playoff bye.

In fact, if they can beat the New York Giants Sunday night, they will be guaranteed the No.1 seed in the NFC and TWO home playoff games (that is, if they win their first one).

So here are the 6 things I liked the most Sunday:

** Jerry Richardson was back. Although he's now on a heart transplant waiting list, Richardson was in his owner's box as usual, with the windows open as usual, wrapped under a football blanket.

** DeAngelo Williams’ cutback run. That 56-yard TD was one of the sweetest you’re ever going to see. DeAngelo started left, looked like he was going to come back way right and then burst up the middle, going over 1,200 rushing yards for the season during the play.

** Steve Smith. On the Panthers’ first drive, Smith caught three passes for 66 yards, the last for a touchdown. No.89 had another huge game with 165 receiving yards and that TD.

** Carolina’s defense (second quarter onward): The Panthers gave up 10 points on Denver’s first two drives, then played much, much better. They actually got pressure on Jay Cutler – who hadn’t been sacked for the previous three games. Thomas Davis ended that streak with a third-quarter sack on a blitz. DE Tyler Brayton, S Charles Godfrey and DE Charles Johnson -- not exactly the defense's top stars -- all had a couple of nice plays.

** John Kasay. If he doesn’t make the Pro Bowl this season, he should. The ageless one is now 24-for-25 this season on field goals – a 96 percent success rate. His only miss in all of 2008 came from 58 yards. He hit three more Sunday.

** The crowd. The Panthers have treated their fans right all season – they finish the regular season 8-0 at home – and the fans returned the favor. On a blustery day that got downright cold once the sun went down, the fans were loud and proud.

And those fans will get another chance to be even louder. Nothing is certain yet, but I’d say there’s now about a 90 percent chance Carolina will host a playoff game the weekend of Jan.10 and 11.

And it could be TWO home playoff games IF Carolina can beat the New York Giants on the road in a huge game next Sunday, Dec.21st. With the Giants' loss to Dallas Sunday night, both teams are 11-3, and the one that wins on Dec.21 will be able to rest its starters in the final week of the regular season and gear up for the playoffs.


Graham said...

Hey Scott - you left out a really great performance by our much-maligned quarterback. Sure, he could have had a couple more touchdown passes with a bit of touch, and he did have an interception on a triply-tipped ball, but that was a good game for the Cajun One.

Grant said...

Hey Scott, can we send something to CBS demanding an apology for Dan Fouts and his drunken comments (well maybe not drunk, but ignorant) at the end of the first half? CBS had the wrong time on their clock because the 3 of them were too busy blabbing to see the ref had added 7 seconds back to the game clock. Fouts openly accused Carolina of "Home Cooking!" (his words exactly) and said "This is just an example of HORRIBLE Home Cooking by the Carolina Panthers" Then after the half they showed where he was a moron, and was incorrect, he mentioned nothing of it. I can't stand Fouts, feel like he is drunk most of the time on his calls, and if not, well maybe he needs to be demoted for making an accusation like that on a franchise.

Thanks for your time, and GO PANTHERS!!!

nepanfan1 said...

I believe we can clinch homefield next week as well as the division with a win if NY loses tonight yes?

That would make the NO game much less stressful for some of us.

Jennifer said...

What a blessing to see Mr. Richardson at the game today, hope he has many, many, more undefeated seasons awaiting him in that box to watch.

God Speed to a fine coach, owner and individual from my neck of the woods...

Great Game...

Bring on the playoffs!!!!

Jennifer said...

The writer in Mr. Scott is gonna correct my last post, so Im gonna beat him to it.
See what happens when you proof read after you hit send <:-)

Its suppose to read player, owner etc, but who cares hes top notch in my book regardless what title you give him.

Best Wishes for a Speedy Recovery Mr. Richardson!!!

Karl said...

Yes, a Giants loss tonight followed by another Giants loss (to us) means the Panthers win the division AND wrap the #1 seed in the NFC.

SmartestBloggerEver said...
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Derek said...

This one's for you, Jerry! Here's hoping you get good news soon.

And thank you, Atlanta and Dallas. What a great weekend of favorable results.