Sunday, December 21, 2008

Game tied 28-all with 3:21 left

The New York Giants just showed why they were Super Bowl champions last year with a big-time touchdown and two-point conversion to tie the game at 28-all with 3:21 left.

The Giants scored their touchdown with 3:21 left on Brandon Jacobs' 1-yard run, which came after Ken Lucas had a pass interference penalty. The Panthers had several chances to stop New York during the drive, but Eli Manning converted every time.

On the two-point play, Lucas got burned again, as Manning hit a cutting Domenik Hixon in front of Lucas for the successful conversion.

The Panthers do have the wind at their backs. When they get the ball back, they will have slightly more than three minutes left and all their timeouts. But if they don't make a first down or two, the Giants will also have a chance to win this game in regulation. If no one scores, we'll be going to overtime.


Keith said...

is it possible to sue the panthers for an ulcer?

FishHookNC said...

Three words...Come on team...Why did you keep running the exact or close plays every down. All night 95% of first down drives were right up the middle of NY. I think they made their point about the fourth time they tossed that play. I know it's easy to Monday armchair quarterback but Coach Fox? Come on you have the talent, I would love to have a 10 min. talk with you reviewing just 10 of the first down plays. Or should I say the one running play right up the NY middle they was not doing anything? Good Luck team and thank you for the great season.