Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saints 31-30 late in fourth quarter

The New Orleans Saints have absolutely made mincemeat of Carolina's defense in the past few minutes and now have taken a 31-30 lead in a whale of a game at the Superdome.

Carolina once led 30-10 in the third quarter. Now, the Panthers have given up three straight TDs, Drew Brees has 386 yards passing and the Panthers are down, 31-30.

It's been an amazing turnaround. Now Jake Delhomme is coming out on the field with 3:06 to go, one timeout and a first-and-10 on his own 18.


Bengoodfella said...

Unbelievable. The just throw the ball up in the air for Steve Smith play worked again. Now if Kasay can just practice not missing field goals or maybe at least we can get him a little closer so it is not a super long one.

ncriptide said...

Chandler, DON'T YOU DARE give Fox and the coaching staff a passing grade for this game! If you do, we know for a fact that you are up his hind quarters so far you can't see the light of day. The coaching staff stunk it up against the Giants and you said "I can find nothing to fault with the coaching staff". Even though they did not attempt a SINGLE PASS to Steve Smith. This game they went into their typical conservative hole in the second half and it about cost them the game. Ken Lucas is a liability and we HAVE to find a replacement. Whatever skills he once had is gone. We HAVE to get Steve Smith and the TE more involved in the passing game - any other team and this would have been a loss today.

Fred said...

Panthers' defense collapses in the second half two weeks in a row.

This time blowing a 20 point 4th quarter lead against a mediocre team.

Jake was jumping around joyously after Kasey's winning kick. This is no time to celebrate.

If I were the coaching staff I'd be extremely worried.

Michael said...

Bgf, isn't the "just throw the ball in the air" for any receiver the play called when it's not a run? Given that Delhomme-Smith is one of the best NFL QB-WR duos going today, it seems like an OK play to me.

Fred, you're ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! HOW DARE the team celebrate the best record in team history, a division championship, and the #2 seed in the conference???