Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Panther playoff UPDATE

This is the NFL's official version of Carolina's playoff situation for this week, released today. My guess: The Panthers will already have qualified for a playoff spot before they ever play the Giants for homefield advantage and the No.1 seed in the NFC Sunday night.

To get a playoff spot -- and it's amazing that with 11 wins Carolina still doesn't have one locked up yet -- Carolina EITHER needs to win or needs EITHER Dallas, Atlanta OR Tampa Bay to LOSE this weekend.

The Cowboys play Baltimore Saturday night. Atlanta plays Minnesota Sunday at 4:15. Tampa Bay plays San Diego at 1 p.m. Sunday. None of those will be easy -- I doubt very much all three teams will win.


Carolina clinches NFC South title with:
1) CAR win or tie OR
2) TB loss or tie + ATL loss or tie.

Carolina clinches a first-round bye with:
• CAR win or tie.

Carolina clinches homefield advantage throughout NFC playoffs with:
• CAR win.

Carolina clinches a playoff spot with:
1) DAL loss or tie OR
2) ATL loss or tie OR
3) TB loss or tie.


Vikram said...

I know my comment can be perceived as odd, but I would rather have Panthers be in a "fight" mode rather than "sleep" mode from now on. In other words, winning at NY this Sunday will lock up a first spot and allow them to rest starters for the New Orleans game the following week which essentially translates into two bye weeks. This in my opinion can have a disastrous effect given how we slumped after our bye week.

I would still like to have the Home-field advantage though. Just concerned that my Panthers don't become complacent.

Da_Ing_Man said...

Hey Vikram, I know exactly what you mean. I was thinking the same thing. I just hope that we win Sunday and play New Orleans with all of our starters and actually win the game. Being complacent has always hurt the Panthers in the past and they did come out sluggish the first 3 weeks after the bye. But maybe we have a different team this year that can handle success. I believe that we do. Go PANTHERS!

PETer said...

Being 8-0 at home, I really want home field advantage throughout.

Matt said...

Charles (chandler) look, please talk to the Panthers for us. tell em to read the posts! it's obvious how the fans feel and how they feel. it's also good to see how the opinions are abuzz for them! i say the fire is there, keep up the fire and keep these teams guessing. look at the defense and offense of our panthers...we have prolly the best sleeper team that anyone has seen and with no bragging and no showboating. watch the videos, stick it tight and rotate rotate rotate. oh yeah, DL needs to jump for them passes because i know that i've seen two passes in the past two games that could easily have been blocked with a little more effort...easier said than done eh?

nohuiam said...

You can have a tie in the NFL?

I'm gonna call my buddy in Philly and see if he knows about this.

Scott said...

We also came out of our bye week playing Oak and Det...come out of a bye in the playoffs won't exactly be followed by the worst teams in the NFL. I don't think this team with have issues getting up for that game like they did with Oakland.
Oakland was also away and we will be at home where we have not lost.
Think about how key it would be to have the Cardinals come into our home instead of us going there. The crowd noise would be a huge advantage against that passing game. Plus to have everyone healthy and rested is so huge its not even funny. Every game we play we have the potential to lose someone. We had that problem when we lost to Seattle in the NFC Champ Game. We were so banged up and tired even this years Lions would have beat us.
You just can't under-estimate having weeks off.

Brasil With An S Shoot said...

If we get HFA, I'm thinking Fox is too clever to rest the entire team. I bet he starts the starters against NO and then take them out in the middle of the 3rd. The lesson of Giants last year is keep the team in fight mode. Fox knows this. He's too hard nosed to do otherwise.

panfan1 said...

Still need to take 1 game at a time! You know if we lose both our last games & Atlanta & Tampa wins then we are outside looking in basesd on Division wins & then conference wins. It is then followed by Common games (whatever that is? I'm guessing playing the same teams no matter the conference? Any1 know?). Don't know if we can still make playoffs if this happens?Any1 know?Not trying ot be negative but just realistic!

Michael said...

panfan, even if we lose out and TB/ATL win out, we're ok as long as Dallas loses at least one of their games. We'd lose the division and the home game, but we'd still be in.