Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hoover calls MNF crowd best he's ever seen

Panther FB Brad Hoover has been around ever since 2000, when he was an undrafted rookie out of Western Carolina. He's been a mainstay in the Panther locker room ever since. Hoover is very intelligent despite having to basically run into a garage door 50-60 times a game -- that's what another former Panther fullback equated his job to, since they usually run into linebackers full-speed for a living.

So I put a good bit of his stock in most of Hoover's answers, including the one when I asked him after Carolina's 38-23 win over Tampa Bay what he thought of the sellout "Monday Night Football" crowd at Bank of America Stadium that had witnessed it.

Said Hoover: "It was probably the best I’ve ever seen in our stadium. We’ve had some decent games here, but as far as being into the game, it was packed full. The atmosphere was just electric. We’re doing well, the fans are all over them [Tampa] – you couldn’t ask for a better scenario. This was like a playoff-atmosphere game."

Panther QB Jake Delhomme didn't go quite that far, but said the crowd compared to the one for the Dallas home playoff game following the 2003 season and the Monday night season opener against Green Bay in 2004. "There's just something electric about night games," Delhomme said.


Michael said...
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Michael said...

Ehh...having been in the stadium for both this MNF game and the most recent Dallas playoff game, I'd say it wasn't quite the level of constant volume and "buzz." Then again, that game was pretty much a blowout from the gun, whereas this one was close through the third. Either way, it was definitely a nice improvement relative to, say, last year's showing against Dallas on Thursday night, where at least a third of the crowd was rooting on the Cowgirls .