Sunday, December 14, 2008

Halftime: 20-10 Carolina (and a playoff update)

Carolina's defense has steadily improved in this game. The Broncos have had the ball six times, scoring a TD on their first, a field goal on their second and then not scoring at all their last four possessions.

Not only that, Denver has turned the ball over twice, the 2nd time on a costly fumble by RB Selvin Young just before the end of the first half (caused by safety Charles Godfrey, who has had a couple of huge hits so far).

Carolina recovered with less than 10 seconds to go and that led to John Kasay's second FG of the afternoon, from 45 yards.

That makes it Carolina, 20-10, at halftime. After being down 7-0 and 10-7, Carolina has assumed some control of the game.

A playoff note: Atlanta's win over Tampa Bay earlier today means both the Falcons and Tampa Bay are 9-5.

A Carolina win would push the Panthers to 11-3 -- a two-game lead with only two games left in the regular season. That would greatly increase the likelihood of the Panthers hosting a home playoff game by winning the NFC South.

Carolina can't clinch the division today, though, but could clinch a playoff spot if the Panthers win and Dallas loses Sunday night.

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Chris said...

Of course, I'd MUCH rather have Dallas win today, even if that means facing an angry Giants team the next week. That puts us in better position for home field throughout the playoffs.