Sunday, December 28, 2008

6-3 Carolina: Saints on the board

New Orleans' second drive was a lot more successful than its first, but we're still looking for the game's first TD.

Mainly on Drew Brees' arm, the Saints got it down to third-and-goal from the Carolina 3. From there, the Saints crowd yelled "Deuce! Deuce!" They wanted one of their favorites, Deuce McAllister, to get a chance to ram it in.

Instead, McAllister stayed on the sideline and Brees threw a poor pass at his TE. Panther safety Charles Godfrey had a great chance to intercept it at about knee level, but he dropped it (I'd be guessing here, but I think the Panthers must have dropped a dozen potential interceptions this season, with Godfrey and Chris Harris the primary culprits).

From there, the Saints kicked a chip shot field goal, and it was 6-3, Carolina.

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