Tuesday, December 16, 2008

DeAngelo "doesn't care" about Pro Bowl

I was talking with Panther RB DeAngelo Williams Sunday in preparation for this column on the Panthers' Pro Bowl chances.

Williams said he "doesn't care" whether he makes the Pro Bowl or not. And while I'm sure that's not entirely true, I have admired the way all season Williams has never spoken of his own goals and only of the team's. In a 1,200-yard, 16-TD breakout year, it would have been easy for DeAngelo to become egocentric or to remind people that he sat on the bench WAY too often behind DeShaun Foster in his first two seasons here. He hasn't.

It's interesting that in our online poll, asking fans which Panther deserves the Pro Bowl the most, Williams is the current leader (as of 10:30 a.m. while I'm writing this) even over Steve Smith. I'm also surprised at how low Julius Peppers' numbers are in that poll. Check it out here.

I'll post again later today after the Pro Bowl results are announced (they officially come out at 4 p.m., although it's possible some names will leak earlier).


RAWJEM said...

Maybe I should say based on stats, he is the best back in the NFL, (This Year. Most TD's, 3 or 4 in yardage (about 75-100) fewer touches than those ahead of him), highest ypc, 2nd in rushing scores. NO FUMBLES!!!!

If one were inclined to do the math, you could extrapulate (unscientifically of course) that with the same number of touches as the highest other back that he would lead in all major chatagories.

I realize that his production has a lot to do with a great O-Line, but isn't that true of all the best backs?

I am biased but the point can definately be argued that D-Will is the best back of 2008.

David said...

How can you not appreciate that? The one thing I've always loved about the Panthers is that winning always comes first. Not a bunch of drama queens like those team in the NFC Least. Go Panthers!

704Champ said...

I think Williams and Beason should be Pro Bowl locks. Williams is having a great season, as some of the stats RAWJEM posted point out.

Beason on the other hand is the "defensive QB" of our defense, he is 2nd in the NFL in tackles (1st in the NFC), 1st in the NFL in solo tackles, and he leads all NFL linebackers in interceptions.

Also of note, just one shy in tackles of Beason's mark is San Fran linebacker, and former Panthers draft rumor, Patrick Willis. So for everyone who said Willis would be a much better NFL linebacker than Beason, they're both having great seasons.

Audra said...
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