Sunday, December 28, 2008

23-10 Carolina at half: Saints get first TD

The New Orleans Saints just caught a break and took full advantage of it, and the result was a 26-yard pass from Drew Brees to Marques Colston that sliced Carolina's lead to 23-10.

A couple of plays earlier, Colston had caught a pass and then fumbled it away when Nate Salley tipped it out. Carolina's Richard Marshall had recovered, and it looked like the Panthers would go into halftime up by 20.

But there was an official review of the play, and the on-field ruling was overturned. Colston was instead deemed to never have control of the ball, so it just became an incomplete pass.

That became key when Colston scored, outleaping safety Charles Godfrey on a very nice play for the Saints TD.

Carolina then ran the clock out and went into halftime up, 23-10.


John said...

It's time to get rid of replay. If the officials are not going to follow the rule for "irrefutable visual evidence" then let's just kill replay and stop pretending.

There was no way that anyone can say that it was irrefutable that Colston did not have control of the football, he moved it from one hand to the other and took two steps with it put away! That referee, and a couple others in the past two weeks who have made similar bad calls should be disqualified from post season officiating this year.

Lillian said...

23-10 Halftime, watch the Panthers try to sit on this lead and let the Saints back in it.

David said...

The Panthers are doing what they have to do:

Controlling the clock
Running the ball effectively
No turnovers

Drew Brees won't light us up the way I thought he might.You know he would be out trying to get 400 plus yards in this meaningless game for the Saints.

Anybody who has played sports knows that spoiling another team's season can be great motivation. Also, we beat the Saint handidly at the beginning of the season and it's tough to beat the same team twice in the same season.

The NFC South is so tough at home. I loved how the Panthers played in the first half....


Michael said...

Yes, what a TERRIBLE call this was and how close it came to costing us. There is no way that it could be said that Colston didn't have possession given his two feet down and his "football move" to advance the ball.