Friday, December 12, 2008

My Panthers-Bronco prediction

After picking the Panthers correctly each of the past five weeks -- I am sort of the anti-Sorensen in this respect -- the pressure is on. Here are my thoughts on Sunday's Denver-Carolina game, with the pick at the bottom.

** Denver is nothing if not entertaining. The Broncos can score from anywhere – and also give up scores from anywhere. Only four teams in the league give up more than the 25.8 points per game that the Broncos allow.

** Underestimating Denver would be a huge mistake. QB Jay Cutler has one of the strongest arms you’ll see. And watch No.15. WR Brandon Marshall is Denver’s version of Steve Smith and once caught 18 passes in a single game this season.

** Incidentally, there are only two active NFL players with the last name of Marshall – Brandon and Panthers’ nickel CB Richard Marshall. They should face off at least a few times today as part of the Panthers’ – wait for it – Marshall Plan.

** Look for a relatively high-scoring game that will make the NFL glad it moved this game to a later start. Denver’s defense is ranked 28th overall. I’d be surprised if DeAngelo Williams doesn’t have yet another 100-yard game with at least one TD, and Jonathan Stewart may join him on those plateaus, too.

** This could be a “trap” game for the Panthers, who are coming off a short week and face a game with huge playoff implications Dec.21 at the New York Giants. But I think Carolina will take advantage of Denver's weak defense just enough. My prediction: Carolina 30, Denver 24.


oldapanther said...


It isn't hard to out predict Sorenson. The sole use I find for his columns are to use his photo to paper train parakeets.

Ryan said...

Thanks Scott! That's just what the Broncos need. They said the same thing when Denver rolled into Cleveland and what happened? Denver took the Browns apart in the 4th quarter and won on the road. Then there was that game against Atlanta that no thought the Broncos could win and what happened? Denver bombed Atlanta and was the only team to beat the Falcons at home. That's not all...don't forget how the Broncos went on the road and killed the Jets one week after the Jets knocked off the Titans. Kiss your Panthers goodbye on Sunday.

Joe said...

Ryan: You suck. That is all.

stickyd said...

Ryan, you have loses against Oakland, KC, Jax, Miami and New England. Not to mention, you squeaked out wins over New Orleans, San Diego, Cleveland, Atlanta, and most recently, KC. I respect the Broncos Offense, but you can't honestly say with confidence that Denver is a Super Bowl contender? You have 4 wins against teams with a winning record. If it weren't for you guys playing in one of the two worst divisions (NFC West the other), there is no way you would be in the playoffs. I wish the Panthers had the luxury of playing KC, SD and Oakland twice a year! That's SHOULD be 6 guaranteed wins.......but not for the Broncos! Good luck Sunday. Cutler and Marshall are going to have to have the game of their career to have a chance to win. GO PANTHERS!

Jennifer said...

Spot on with that prediction Mr. Scott...

On the Panthers side that is :-)..

and Ryan, the comment about kissing our beloved Cats goodbye?

hummm the only na na na na goodbye song was the one the broncos heard leaving the field Sunday.

credit repair said...

The Panthers will definitely win this one.