Sunday, December 28, 2008

Carolina 9-3: 3 drives, 3 Kasay FGs

Like last week against the N.Y. Giants, the Panthers have scored on each of their first 3 drives. Unlike last week, all the scores are FGs (vs. the Giants, they were all TDs).

On the third drive, Jake Delhomme finally got untracked, throwing a 28-yard pass to Muhsin Muhammad and a 25-yarder to Steve Smith. But again, when in scoring range, the Panthers bogged down. This time, Delhomme tried to thread one in to Dante Rosario about at the Saints' 5, but the ball got jarred loose.

John Kasay's third FG, a 34-yarder, made it 9-3, Carolina. Still, the way the Saints moved the ball last time, that's far from a safe lead.

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