Sunday, December 28, 2008

23-3 Carolina: Two TDs in six seconds!!

The Carolina Panthers just took a 20-point lead over New Orleans, converting a New Orleans Saints turnover into an 8-yard TD pass from Jake Delhomme to Muhsin Muhammad.

Then, on the ensuing kickoff, Carolina got a gift TD when Carolina's Landon Johnson stripped the ball and Dante Wesley took it on a perfect bounce and scored. Just like that, it was 23-3. The two TDs came only six seconds apart.

The first Panther TD was set up by Chris Harris's interception of a Drew Brees pass (and to think I was just ripping Harris for never holding onto the ball in a previous post). It was Harris's first interception of the season, and he ran it back 16 yards to the New Orleans 29.

From there, for three plays it was the DeAngelo Williams show. No.34 ran the ball three times, including a third-and-2 run for 13 yards to the New Orleans eight.

Then, on first-and-goal, Delhomme faked a handoff to Jonathan Stewart and threw a bullet over the middle to Muhsin Muhammad. That made it 16-3 with 3:09 left in the first half.

Then came Wesley's TD on a Skyler Green fumble. On the next kickoff, Green stayed in the end zone with the ball, generating some applause from burned Saints fans.

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Michael said...

Chris Harris, from last year:
"That's what they pay me for. My goal this year is 10 [forced fumbles], so I'm a few shy of that. I try to be a playmaker out there; that's what they brought me here for. I know I'm not getting interceptions -- I've only got one -- but I feel fumbles serve as interceptions."