Saturday, August 28, 2010

We're underway -- 0-0 after 1st quarter

The Panthers and Titans have both gotten off to slow offensive starts -- with the first quarter complete, it's 0-0.

The Panthers' highlight: Everette Brown wrecked Tennessee's first series with a third-down sack in which he also caused a Vince Young fumble. Tennessee recovered however.

The Panthers' lowlight: Matt Moore had a shot at hitting Dwayne Jarrett for a touchdown from the Tennessee 42 but overthrew him on a deep pattern.

Carolina has kept Tennessee star rusher Chris Johnson in check so far. The Panthers are blitzing a lot and obviously bothering Tennessee starting QB Vince Young.

On the Panthers' two drives, they had a nine-play march that stalled at Tennessee's 42 and then a three-and-out. Best special teams play so far: Jason Baker blasted a 76-yard punt to pin Tennessee back inside the 20.

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Anonymous said...

The running lanes are not there because we're doing zip in passing. We don't need to "game plan" this game. Just come out throwing and get it going.