Saturday, August 21, 2010

A defensive first-half struggle

The New York Jets continue to lead Carolina, 6-0, in what was about as defensive a first half as you'll find.

A couple of numbers from the first half: The Jets had 45 yards on 33 plays and only three first downs. Yet they have the game's only scores because of Armanti Edwards' two punt-return mistakes. The Panthers' first-team defense really couldn't have played better.

For Carolina: the Panthers have only two first downs in the first half and 67 yards on 27 plays. Matt Moore was 6-for-17 for 57 yards with an interception and a QB rating of 21.0.


Anonymous said...

Lack of protection, play calling, and muff punts. Run on every 1st down on every beginning possessions.

Anonymous said...

And this is different from last year how? LMAO

Anonymous said...

Not ready for prime time. Have any of these return guys practiced catching the ball under the lights?

2 x Mike = 0 Pathetic play-by-play without a single insight or original comment.