Monday, August 23, 2010

3 quick Monday thoughts

A few items as another week gets rolling:

1. I was on WBT-AM 1110 radio this morning talking about the Panthers with Al and Jim. First question out of the box: "What's gone right with the Panthers?" I was temporarily stumped.

2. I recovered, though, and started talking about the pass rush. If you like quarterback sacks above everything else, the Panthers' 0-2 preseason start has been a dream for you. There have been 22 sacks in the two games -- 11 for and 11 against. And the Panthers have 5 guys with two sacks -- all of them defensive linemen. Julius who?

3. My column for Tuesday's paper and online will review "Jordan Rides the Bus," the latest ESPN documentary in the "30 for 30" series. It debuts Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ESPN.

This one was made by Ron Shelton, the director behind such fictional sports hits "Bull Durham" and "Tin Cup." I talked to Shelton about the 52-minute film (without commercials) -- it's all about Jordan's one season in the baseball minors in Birmingham in 1994.

Interestingly, Jordan wouldn't consent to an on-camera interview for the documentary. However, he didn't try to stop the documentary from happening, either, Shelton said, and because of that tacit blessing, a lot of folks talked to Shelton for the documentary that might otherwise have not.


samurai said...

Being an out of town fan of the Panthers, there are a lot of things that have me concerned about the upcoming season, but at the same time... those sacks... very nice. And i was one of the ones who felt that Julius leaving (even though he didn't want to stay in Carolina) was a kick in the pants for the defense.

The special teams have been bad for a few seasons now... what is the deal there?

Offense... i like how Clausen is looking, but also very glad that Moore is there to prevent him from starting too soon.

Thanks for your blog - it's a good read for me.

Steve said...

Having just woke up from that snorefest I went to Saturday night, I will mention the most interesting thing I saw that night, and it was not on the field.

The Wells Fargo building finally got to run their light show for a Panther game, and I have to say it was pretty cool.

The building was mostly adorned with the electric blue Panther colors. However, during the natiional anthem, it illuminated in shimmering red-white-blue. Then, when the Panthers got their lone score (a field goal), it animated again with Panther blue and white colors.

Too bad we only scored once. We joked how the building light operator must have gotten cramps in his hand poised above that button all game waiting for us to score.

Anonymous said...

At least SOME components of the special teams were working - the punting/kicking game looks solid.

The offense is deplorable - we arent using any of the TEs in passing schemes, and Moore looked absolutley off on Saturday.

Then again, fine tuning is what this is all about, so lets not panic but rather just be concerned right now.

At least the D is surprising us.

Anonymous said...

Al and Jim? Gosh that must have been awful....talking with teabags who know nothing about anything....especially sports and politics. My hats off to you for putting up with those FOXXXX Channel wannabe Duds.