Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No million, just 10K

Ron Ashmore's dream of winning a million dollars with three pitches tonight fell $990,000 short.

However, Ashmore still pronounced himself satisfied with the experience after going 0-for-3 in trying to hit, from the pitcher's mound, a 12-inch target set up at home plate at the Kansas City Royals' stadium.

Ashmore, 51, had had his name randomly drawn from 120,000 entries in a sweepstakes sponsored by Hostess (the snack-cake company). If the Denver, N.C. resident threw all three balls through the target -- which was about as big as a dinner plate -- he would win a million dollars.

One out of three would have won $25,000. Two out of three would have won $50,000. Ashburn still received a consolation prize of $10,000 as the sweepstakes winner. (The contestant in 2009 in this same contest also went 0-for-3. Hostess might want to consider widening that hole a little).

"My first two pitches missed by a good bit," Ashmore said. "The first one was low and right. The second one was a little higher, and still at least a foot to the right. But the third one felt really good. I thought it was going to go through the hole, but it missed by about three inches to the left."

Those three inches cost Ashmore $15,000.

Ashmore threw the pitches shortly before the Royals' game tonight. He also got a free trip to Kansas City with his wife, Sharon, and $1,000 in spending money for the trip. "So it's all good," he said.


Anonymous said...

You gave it your best shot Ash...

Sharon said...

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes....What an experience....We appreciate the positive thoughts. Not a bad paycheck to be the entertainment for a baseball game. We are enjoying our trip to Kansas City too. Thanks so much... Sharon and Ron Ashmore