Saturday, August 28, 2010

0-0 at halftime -- will anyone ever score?

The Panthers and Titans have now gone two quarters -- and 14 possessions -- without a single score.

Is it too much to ask for a little offensive excitement in preseason games? So far, unfortunately, it is.

The Panthers have now played 10 quarters this preseason without scoring an offensive touchdown. Their count for the first half: six punts and then a fumble inside the Titans 20 on their final drive by Wallace Wright that ruined a march that should have produced at least three points.

It wasn't all Matt Moore's fault, but some of it was. He had an open Dwayne Jarrett in the first quarter for what would have been a 42-yard touchdown, but overthrew him.

But Moore also wasn't helped by his running game, offensive line or wide receivers. Finally, Carolina got somewhere on its last drive -- Moore had a nice throw to Dante Rosario and Brandon LaFell made a phenomenal catch -- but then Wright fumbled and everything went sour.

The Panthers' defense, on the other hand, has been spectacular. Vince Young was sacked four times in the first half (that makes 15 for Carolina so far this preseason). Defensive end Charles Johnson has been a monster, and Carolina held Tennessee star running back Chris Johnson to eight carries for 10 yards. (DeAngelo Williams didn't do much better though -- he had nine carries for 13 yards for Carolina. Jonathan Stewart and Steve Smith once again are not playing for Carolina).


Anonymous said...

We really have to start scoring some points. I'm optimistic for when Smith returns, but if we really rely on him as much as it seems, we're in trouble..

but I'm really excited about how well the defense has been playing. And trent guy!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how well the D is playing. Awesome! Also just checked on Bears game, with Cards ahead 7-0. Peppers has 1 tackle assist!!!

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