Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Gross beginning

At the end of the first quarter, Baltimore still leads Carolina, 3-0.

The Panthers looked like they were going to accomplish something on their third drive of the first quarter (and likely the last under Matt Moore). But Pro Bowl left tackle Jordan Gross was called for holding -- twice -- on the same drive.

Gross, in fact, piled up three penalties in the first quarter (he also got called for a false start). The second holding penalty was iffy, but there was no doubt about the first one. Both negated two of Moore's best throws of the game and made the Panthers' third drive end in a punt, just like the first two had.

Injury update: Panther defensive end Tyler Brayton probably had the best quarter of anyone on the team, sacking Joe Flacco twice on critical third-down plays. However, on the second sack, Brayton had his left ankle rolled on during the play's aftermath.

At first, he looked really hurt, but then he left the field under his own power. It's unlikely he will play again tonight, but initial reports don't seem to indicate this is a serious injury for the only returning starter on the Panthers' front four.


Anonymous said...

..yeah let Peppers go and give all the money to Gross!!

Anonymous said...

What's with the pathetic audio? It seems to be cutting out for a second or two about every 20-30 secs!

John said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but we DO have a defensive scheme, right?

Just want to be sure because I'm not seeing one yet.

Anonymous said...

Gross is vastly overrated. He's a penalty machine and probably the major reason Delhomme's no longer the QB here.