Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pregame Panthers-Ravens weather update

Baltimore seems to be trying to showcase all the summertime weather a city can have in a two-hour span.

When I walked into the stadium just before 6 p.m., there was some sideways lightning, hard rain and -- in some parts of Baltimore -- a tornado warning.

But the rain stopped, the warnings were lifted and now it's sunny with an hour left before kickoff. The only reminder of all the rain Baltimore has had today (it also poured this morning) are the very wet seats. Every fan who has a jacket is sitting on top of it.

The game officially kicks off at 8:05 p.m. The Panthers will be without some of their stars like Steve Smith, Jeff Otah and Jonathan Stewart, but it still will be the closest thing we've seen to the real thing for the Panthers in the past eight months. QB Matt Moore will start but I'll be surprised if he and RB DeAngelo Williams play more than two offensive series.

The Panthers are wearing all white tonight, while the Ravens are in purple jerseys.

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