Thursday, August 12, 2010

Clausen gets Panthers on board

Panthers rookie QB Jimmy Clausen just had a nice NFL debut, leading Carolina to a field goal on his first pro drive to cut Baltimore's lead to 10-3.

Yes, it was against Baltimore's second-team defense, and yes, the drive ultimately fizzled and John Kasay had to boot a 37-yard field goal. But Clausen showed some poise and moved Carolina 61 yards in 10 plays.

His best play: a 25-yard rocket over the middle to Kenny Moore, who was in tight coverage but caught the ball after tipping it. Clausen also showed a little mobility and executed a couple of screen passes well before finally throwing the ball too far outside for Moore on third down when under a heavy blitz.

Late in the second quarter, the Panthers are down by a touchdown. Baltimore has also put in its second-string quarterback -- Marc Bulger.


Anonymous said...

Get off your knees Scott, it was against the second team defense, Moore did better against their first string and it would be evident on the scoreboard if Stupid Gross wasn't so obsessed with hearing his name over the PA!!!

Anonymous said...

Moore looked good but so did Clausen. Moore SHOULD look better he has played in a real NFL game even in primetime and he has played 4 year in the NFL. Clausen has never played any level of NFL until now, and he still was pretty impressive. Mostly with his Identification of the other defense.