Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baltimore 17, Panthers 12 (final)

On a rainy night in Baltimore, the Ravens edged Carolina 17-12 Thursday night in the preseason opener for both teams.

Carolina had numerous chances to score, but never could net an offensive touchdown. Carolina's only TD was a defensive fumble return, while Baltimore scored two offensive TDs during the game.

The Panthers played all four of their quarterbacks -- that's the position I'll be writing my column about for Friday's newspaper and online -- with Jimmy Clausen and Hunter Cantwell getting the most offensive series. Both had some moments, but neither could dent the goal line.


Anonymous said...

Panthers looked very young tonight for the first preseason game. As I watch ESPN it sickens me to keep hearing so much about Clausen. He may be QB in waiting down the road but common, he played against the
2nd string D. Moore looked real good with his throws, if not for Gross the Panthers would of had a TD in the 1st Qtr. I will be happy when SS returns, what kind of WR's do the Panthers have?

Anonymous said...

Get used to all the Clausen talk. Whether you want him to be or not, he is the star of the team right now. Particularly when no other player has done much to steal the spotlight and Steve Smith is out with an injury.

And besides, Clausen deserved praise. 2nd D or not, he looked very poised and impressive. But still, he's a ways away from starting.