Saturday, August 28, 2010

11 possessions, 11 punts

The Panthers and Titans both have showcased great defense and awful offense for the first 20 minutes of their preseason game tonight.

Carolina has punted all six times it got the ball; Tennessee has punted all five times it has had possession.

On one of those punts, somebody fumbled -- and amazingly enough, it wasn't a Panther. Tennessee fumbled on Carolina punt No.5 thanks to a huge hit by Tyrell Sutton, which gave Carolina great field position at the Tennessee 45.

What came next? Another three-and-out -- two DeAngelo Williams runs for zero yards and then, on third-and-10, Matt Moore passing short to a sliding Dwayne Jarrett for four yards.

So Carolina wasted that chance. On the positive side, the Panther defense absolutely destroyed 2,000-yard Tennessee running back Chris Johnson (eight carries, 10 yards and now having a seat for the rest of the game). Charles Godfrey has made a couple of huge plays filling holes from his safety position and DE Charles Johnson has also been strong.

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