Saturday, August 21, 2010

Are you ready for some preseason football?

The Panthers and the New York Jets are on the field a few minutes away from opening preseason game No.2.

On the "not playing" tonight list for the Panthers: Steve Smith, Tyler Brayton, Thomas Davis, Aaron Francisco, Sherrod Martin, Jamar Williams, Quinton Culberson, Jeff Otah and Hilee Taylor.

Since this is the first home game the Panthers have played since all their offseason moves, I did a quick survey to see what the most popular jerseys now are. As you no doubt remember, Jake Delhomme's No.17 and Julius Peppers' No.90 were longtime fan favorites.

I counted the first 40 Panther fans I saw in jerseys, and these were the results. Current Panther players are in bold:

Steve Smith -- 13
Jon Beason -- 8
DeAngelo Williams -- 5
Julius Peppers -- 4
Armanti Edwards -- 3
Jonathan Stewart -- 3
Jake Delhomme -- 2
Stephen Davis -- 1
Sam Mills -- 1

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