Saturday, August 28, 2010

Panthers 15, Tennessee 7 (final)

Carolina has won its first exhibition game of the preseason -- the Panthers are now 1-2 after beating Tennessee 15-7 Saturday night.

The Panther defense had another superb night and Carolina's Mike Goodson scored his team's only touchdown with a 91-yard kickoff return.

I'll have more from the locker room and my "likes and dislikes" from the game in about an hour on this blog.


Anonymous said...

My likes:

- Moore looks solid
- Special teams finally shows up. (From a offenvise returning stand point.)

- Back up Dbacks did okay.
- Dline once again doing awesome against one of the elites Olines in the league. ( Now 3 games in a row they dominated).

- Finally wanted to see some corner/saftey blitz.

My Dislikes

- Moore misses a potential td to Dwayne J.

- Playing calling once they got to the red zone. (Should have use Jarret alot more in goal line packages. To use his height against smaller coners.) Especially when they passed alot.

-To many false starters. (Penalties period.)

Anonymous said...

My likes starting defense look great.
You holding Chris Johnson to just 10 yards on eight carries

Also getting 4 QB sacked against the titans 1st team Offenses .
.This Deline might not miss Pep that much after all.

Also Mike Goodson look great .I hope that we can use him also at WR from time to time.That kickoff return for a TD was great.

My Dislikes .
The offense playing calling.the 3rd drive on 3rd and 10 Matt Moore pass for 3 yards pass.Or on anther 3rd down and long John fox called for a running play.

Trent Guy should not be allow to return punt or kickoff period

Mike Morgan and mike rucker should not allow to call any panthers game anymore.Everyone know that inside two minutes before halftime and the fourth quarter that coach can't challenge a play Yet after Brandon LaFell make the catch just before halftime both Mike Morgan and mike rucker kept saying that the Titans will lose a timeout because of challenging that play