Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baltimore leads Panthers 3-0

Baltimore got the better of the two teams' first drives, when each was playing at full strength. Each team has had the ball once, and Baltimore leads, 3-0.

The Panthers got the ball first. Carolina's first drive reached midfield after a run of about 20 yards by DeAngelo Williams before petering out in a hurry.

Matt Moore first overthrew an open Dante Rosario at the Baltimore 35. Then Moore had to throw the ball away on second down following a Ravens blitz, and another blitz on third-and-10 nailed him. Moore got hit by Baltimore's safety Tom Zbikowski, fumbled the ball and ended up losing 17 yards (although Carolina did recover).

Zbikowski did more damage to the Panthers on the ensuing punt return. He took it back 28 yards and drew a 10-yard penalty on punter Jason Baker for tripping, which let Baltimore start its scoring drive from its own 47.

Baltimore came out firing on its first possession, as Joe Flacco threw a 20-yard pass to Derrick Mason on the Ravens' first play. Baltimore moved mainly by the pass down to Carolina's 5, where a 5-yard illegal start penalty knocked the Ravens backwards.

Then, on third-and-8, Tyler Brayton sacked Flacco for a four-yard loss, and Baltimore needed Shayne Graham's 32-yard field goal to salvage something from the drive.

Baltimore 3, Carolina 0

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