Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kasay's 3rd FG makes it 15-7

The Panthers just extended their lead to eight points with 8:13 left in the fourth quarter with a 41-yard field goal from John Kasay.

This drive was set up by Brian Witherspoon's interception of Kerry Collins, who was throwing from his own end zone. That's about par for the course for Collins -- he has one TD and one interception in this game, and in his career he has 192 TDs and 187 interceptions.

Anyway, the Panthers had a nice chance to score their first offensive TD of the preseason, with Jimmy Clausen at the helm. But incredibly, four of the five reserve offensive linemen in there with Clausen managed to get a five-yard pre-snap penalty during the drive. Three of those came in a row, turning a third-and-2 into a third-and-17.

That short-circuited the drive but it wasn't a total loss, as Kasay knocked another one in.

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