Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nearly a Panther TD, and then...

Jimmy Clausen nearly one-upped himself on his second drive by getting Carolina a touchdown rather than a field goal, but instead the Panthers got nothing. On his third, the Panthers missed a long field goal.

So Clausen has come fairly close to getting scores on all 3 of his possessions, but at halftime it's still Baltimore 10, Carolina 3.

Clausen's best chance at a TD came on his second possession. After a sack and forced fumble by Panther rookie Eric Norwood on Ravens backup QB Marc Bulger, Clausen and Carolina took over at the Baltimore 31.

Carolina moved the ball via run down to the Baltimore 4. On first down, Clausen threw a fade route to the corner for fellow rookie Brandon LaFell.

LaFell got both his hands on it, but Baltimore cornerback Cary Williams got one hand on it, too, and knocked it away.

On the next play, Carolina's Tyrell Sutton ran for 3 yards, fumbled at the 1 and lost the ball to the Ravens.

Baltimore then drove out of trouble and all the way into Panther territory but stalled and missed a long field goal. Clausen got a chance to run the 2-minute drill and threw one over-the-middle rocket to Dante Rosario to convert a third-and-11, but then he ran out of time. John Kasay was going to have a chance from 54 yards out on the final play of the half, but the play was aborted when the snap was fumbled.

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