Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jets win 9-3; Clausen interception seals it

The Panthers have now gone two preseason games without an offensive touchdown, and they just lost to the New York Jets, 9-3, Saturday night at Bank of America Stadium.

The Panthers never really got close to scoring in this game. Jimmy Clausen did get the Panthers to the Jets' 37 at the 2-minute warning, but shortly thereafter threw a bad interception that sealed it.

Clausen played the entire second half for Carolina and mustered three points -- those coming after a turnover gave Carolina the ball at the New York 31. Matt Moore played the entire first half and got zero points for Carolina. The Panthers didn't play quarterbacks Hunter Cantwell and Tony Pike.

The Panthers wasted a superb effort from their defense, which could have theoretically shut the Jets out except for three terrible punt-return errors (two by Armanti Edwards) that led to three Jets' field goals accounting for all of New York's points.

Carolina (0-2) has one touchdown so far in two preseason games -- on a fumble return for a TD by the defense. Ouch.


Anonymous said...

My bet: Claussen will be the starting quarterback on opening day.
Who is the 2nd team center who hikes wiffle balls and balls in the dirt? A good half second is lost while Claussen waits to get the ball.

Anonymous said...

I'll take that BET.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Jerry Richardson - next time you decide to "thin the ranks" - how about starting with YOUR coaching staff?

Oscar Harward said...

Clauson could/would be more effective with a Center who has more of a zip in their delivery. Clauson must have be provided the additional split second in receiving the ball quickly and accurately.

Michael King said...

Why does Jeff Davidson still have a job?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Garinger's former coach available?

Bobby said...

Some stats, for any masochists out there:

35 - Net yards from Jimmy Clausen on 37 snaps.

9 - Jason Baker punts tonight.

8 - Points scored by perennial Charlotte football laughing stock Garinger in a losing effort to Myers Park on Friday. Garinger is currently without a head coach -- seriously.

6 - Goals scored by English soccer teams Arsenal and Chelsea (a piece) this morning.

5 - Times the Panthers fumbled the ball tonight.

3 - Races won by Kyle Busch at Bristol this weekend, sacks conceded and points scored by Carolina tonight.

If that was a concert you'd sue the presenting company to get a refund.

Granted, it is preseason and most of these guys won't even be near the UFL this fall, but that was abysmal. They charged money to see that crap.

mrbernz said...

The Panthers were playing last years #1 defense in the nfl so i will forgive them for tonights performance. There is no excuse for the 2 muffed punts. Edwards needs to spend the next 2 weeks just catching punts, no more preseason games for him just catch the freakin ball.

Anonymous said...

Dear Carolina Panthers,

Hey guys! I hope all is well down in Charlotte. I promised to keep in touch and thought I'd give you my stats thus far through our 2 preseason games.

Game 1 -
12 of 16 for 127 yards and a touchdown.

Game 2 -
18 of 23 for 193 yards and another touchdown.

By the way, how is Matt doing in my place? Well I better get some sleep. Our coach takes things like practice and being prepared much more seriously than Foxy ever did. Have a great year. I love you guys ... NOT!

Your friend,
Jake Delhomme
Cleveland Browns

Anonymous said...

I too would consider a refund....what a boring bunch of junk for even a preseason game. No wonder my tickets are not selling.....this really sucks and it gets worse very year.

Agree- the fact that lamer Jeff Davidson is still our offensive coordinator says it all.

Start over, Jerry. From the top down. What a mess.