Sunday, August 22, 2010

4 things I didn't like; 2 I did in Panthers' loss to Jets

I’ve written a column off the Panthers’ 9-3 loss to the New York Jets that goes into some depth about how different sorts of people – i.e. optimists and pessimists – will take different things away from Carolina’s second straight preseason loss that Jets coach Rex Ryan likened to a “pillow fight" and Panthers' OT Jordan Gross said felt like a baseball game when you saw the final score.

Here are some of the things I’m taking away, though, from the Panthers’ second consecutive game without an offensive touchdown.

First, the 4 things I didn’t like the most:
1) The punt-return team. It was so bad it was comical. Armanti Edwards fumbled one ball away and misplayed another punt that turned into a turnover. Kenny Moore fumbled one away. Captain Munnerlyn fumbled one (but recovered it). All told – four fumbles, three turnovers just on the punt returns.

2) The passing game. The Panthers threw the ball 39 times and only gained 129 yards. Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen both missed some throws and both got blasted by the Jets’ frequent blitzes. After two games, Clausen has a 35.0 quarterback rating and Moore has a 34.9.

3) The blitz pickups. The Panthers have been blitzed constantly the first two weeks and seem to have little idea how to combat it. Carolina has now been sacked 11 times in two games and – without Steve Smith in there as a breakaway threat – can’t seem to make defenses pay for the risk-taking.

4) The long punt returns. Carolina has allowed one in each of its first two exhibition games.

It wasn’t all negative, though, by a long shot.

The two things I liked the most from Saturday night:

1) The pass rush. Where did all these defensive ends come from? The Panthers are getting pressure from everywhere – that makes 11 sacks in two games. Everette Brown had two in the first quarter Saturday night. “I was able to come out and set the tone,” Brown said, and he’s right.

2) The entire defense, especially the first-teamers. The Panthers gave up just seven first downs Saturday and 112 total yards (45 yards on 33 plays by the first-team defense).

If the special teams and offense didn’t self-destruct, those are “win by 14 points” kind of numbers.


Anonymous said...

Dear Carolina Panthers,

Hey guys! I hope all is well down in Charlotte. I promised to keep in touch and thought I'd give you my stats thus far through our 2preseason games.

Game 1 -
12 of 16 for 127 yards and a touchdown.

Game 2 -
18 of 23 for 193 yards and another touchdown.

By the way, how is Matt doing in my place? Well I better get going. Our coach takes things like practice and being prepared much more seriously than Foxy ever did. Have a great year. I love you guys ... NOT!

Your friend,
Jake Delhomme
Cleveland Browns

Panthrealist said...

Hard to stay optimistic with an offense (and special teams) they're putting out there.

Could it be that Gross and Wharton are over-paid and over-hyped?

Coul;d it be that Moore (both Kenneth and Matt) isnt the answer?

4-12 is a reasonable prediction at this point.

Anonymous said...


Jeff Davison begged me to look into getting him his old job back up here. I mentioned it to coach and ... well, after he finally quit laughing, he said no.

Anonymous said...

Panthers -
God Bless You! With you guys back in action, I can finally get out of the house and show my face in public again. Thanks so much and drop by the shop sometime. We know PLENTY about losing.

Dale Jr.

Anonymous said...

Hey Delhomme, preseason stats are great, how did you do in the playoff game versus Arizona or the Eagles game right after that?

Anonymous said...

Jake whiners take note.

You are the real losers.

A team must have a real dedicated leader.

Thanks for running him off just like all the others.

Inmates are running the asylum.

Anonymous said...

What's is up with all the hype over pre-season...just wait til the big-boy pants are on ans we'll get our chance to be a critic. As for Jake D. - it's only a matter of time before he's on SC for throwing anouther 5 int game...P-LEASEEEEE save us the "comedy" of writing in as "Jake." Clausen will be the eventual starter - no worries - he needs to grow this year and we'll be fine. I'm a "glass half-full" kinda guy. 8-8 again this year with a breakout in 2011 or 12.

Anonymous said...


And Jake replies: Carolina? Who are they?

Could it possible that Jake will take the Browns to Super Bowl in 2011 and win it all ??????

Vegas odds are growing ...

Anonymous said...

... dont count on lil Stevy ... he was washed even before he broke his arm ... that was just the nail in the coffin ... trade him asap.

... maybe a brand new 50 billion dollar fancy stadium will save the Panties. PSLs will only cost a mill each.

...maybe Fox could suit up the cheerleaders and dancers? .. they couldnt do any worse ...

Anonymous said...

If Moore doesn't improve immediately, my 7-9 prediction will change to 5-11. I have argued all off season that a franchise should not be trusted to a player who only 6 games to show as his body of work, when he is the most experienced QB on the team. Even a 1st round wunderkund needs to be taught the ropes by a veteran. NEWSFLASH: WE DON'T HAVE ONE ON THE ROSTER. We also lack a veteran WR to teach the group of kids we have. Clearly that has stunted the growth of them all. Steve being hurt, cannot lead by example, so these guys are in trouble. That's where acquiring a vet WR would have helped. It's hard to see the strategy of the Panthers. HINT: Edwards is not a punt returner, he is the best QB on the team. If you insist on playing him at WR, put him on the left side where is strong hand is his back/reach/stop hand. Any WR is more likely to grab overthrown passes with their "strong hand." That is basic football. WOW, we're in trouble.

Anonymous said...


Good to hear from you buddy. I hope you throw less than 20 interceptions this year. Preseason doesn't mean jack.

Your friend,

Matt Moore

spank the dog said...

Spanky says that anonymous can eat a bag a footlong dogs. Go Panthers

Fouler needs to stick to tennis and girls softball!

Charles said...

Scott, Explain to me again why Carolina uses a 2nd rd pick on Edwards who has neither caught a pass or fielded a punt OR played against Div 1 competition, while the Raiders get Jacoby Ford who has excelled at all three AND has more speed for only a fourth rd pick. When you look dumber than Al Davis it starts to truly stink, wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

Dear Jake,

I lived and worked in Cleveland. Wait until November. I guarantee you've never seen and played in weather, consistently, like you're going to see and play in it in Cleveland.

Pittsburgh isn't much better.

Cincinnati will be your "Tampa" trip.

In Baltimore you won't see the snow. All you'll have to contend with are defensive linemen who want to pulverize your bones.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

As a UC Bearcat follower, why in the world Pike isn't ahead of Claussen is beyond me. Claussen doesn't know how to win and you can't tell me Pike can't throw the ball. Is the Carolina management afraid of looking bad by drafting Claussen so early? And if you put Pike in with the first string Moore would be sent packing as well.

panfan1 said...

Anonymous @ 2:50 AM

Gets your stats right if your going to smart(dummy) post.

Game 1
6 of 7 for 66 yards & 0 TDs.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you Delhomme supporters are getting all lathered up over preseason wins? If its preseason stats you want then Kitna and McCown are your guys, they are crushing both Manning, Romo and Brady in yards, TDs and rating.

Perhaps you're right, preseason is something to hang your hat on. Then again if you're a Jake backer you have to be positive about something right? Why not let it be scrimmage games?

Anonymous said...

Nobody else found it funny about a reference of "taking the Browns to the Super Bowl?"

Speaking of that, my morning coffee is finally catching up with me...

Anonymous said...


Your stats ar correct but your spelling is as bad as our O Line.


Curtis said...

Okay, seriously, this is only preseason...depicting the loss of Jake as a major mistake after he beat the (cough, cough) St. Louis Rams is laughable, at best. I love Jake but I'm pretty sure any QB facing the kind of pressure Matt/Jimmy faced, less your best WR (and one of the best in the game), against one if not the top defense in the league is a far cry from Jake taking snaps against the Rams. Let's have a little perspective people.

I'm not panicked just yet...too early to take too many good or bad things out of what we've seen. I've watched previous Panther teams win all their preseason games only to flop (anybody else remember the 4-0 preseason campaign where we turned in a measly 8-8 record?) Preseason wins or records are never a predictor of how well you are going to do over the course of a long best, they help you find gaps in your current team that need correcting (ahem, special teams) and tell you where your overall talent level stacks up against good or bad teams (keep in mind, your starters are only in there for so long and we don't even have our full starting roster).

Anonymous said...

Dear Matt,


Actually 10 of those intercepts were not my fault but my sorry WR(s).

Thanks to all you suckers who whined and got me out of my contract so I can go win a Super Bowl before I retire in 2 years and take Bradshaws place at Fox.

Peace out and yo mama too,


Curtis said...

Actually, I stand corrected...the Browns didn't beat the Rams, they actually lost.

Anonymous said...


You seriously look like a homosexual in your pic.

Anonymous said...

To all you jake idiots, David Carr was 9 of 11 with a TD his first game with the 49ers. Guess he is a great leader also. Do us all a favor and shut up.

Anonymous said...

HEY JAKE, glad to see your spirit's up, and there's nothing in your eyes.. Don't worry about us, we'll be fine... I"M SURE you'll be crying about before game 6..

and I stood up for you.. funny
thought you had more class...

Elizabeth said...

It's easy to get down about the offense and special teams, but I am incredibly pleased about the defense, especially Brown. Julius who?

Anonymous said...

Jerry Richardson keeps the checkbook closed, refusing going after any quality free agents during the off season. At the same time, he allows quality veterans (with higher payrolls) to walk or boots them himself. And on top of it all, he has the audacity to charge FULL PRICE for that "game" last night??? Did anyone actually ever see them put a new heart in Jerry?

Anonymous said...

Marty Hurney - Your attempts explaining all the departures of seasoned vets and no free agents signed never made sense. At first I thought it was a cover up. Now I see you were right all along.

Moore REALLY is less.

Anonymous said...

Calm down people. All we've seen so far is what our offense would look like without the man, the legend, Steve Smith. Our offense should look a lot more like it did with Moore in the last 5 games of last season than it does right now without Smitty.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Richardson is getting what he paid for. Do they have an Offensive Coach?

Anonymous said...

hillarious, a couple of you guys seem really to believe Jake wrote in the post here

Chris in da lotte said...

Seriously people need to stop posting things on here when it's very clear they have no idea what they are saying about football. It is the preseason people. We played 2 super bowl contending teams and hung with both with very young players. They were the 2 most blitzing teams in the NFL which is a blessing that we got to see them in the pre season. It's only gonna help us come opening day. Our defense is looking solid when every one said it was gonna be weak. Where were those football genies who now think Jake is awesome and Moore sucks. Moore did it last year against real compitition. You should definitly believe in him. Besides no one can stop our run game anyhow. B y the way. Didn't detroit go 4-0 in the preseason followed by an 0-16 regular season?? Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Chris -

Gotta love guys like you always bashing anybody who disagrees with your opinion as clueless - having no football knowledge. Just like last preseason, when guys such as yourself were predicting 12-4, 11-5, and guaranteeing a playoff appearance. Yet, when guys like you are reminded about your predictions, you are usually the first to say, "I told you they weren't going to be any good - I told you their offensive coordinator sucked! Truth is - no one can predict the futre. But there is no greater indicator of future performance than past behavior. No one stopped the running game last year and once again, they missed the playoffs. And if Matt Moore is truly gifted against "real competition" -why did they wait until the season was lost last year - before making him a starter? All the reasons people give about it "only being preseason" - there is no game planning, starters barely play an entire half - apply to the others teams also. Which is exactly the point! Winning a preseason games may not matter. But the ability to sustain a drive and score a touchdown does. The Panthers have done neither.

Anonymous said...

So they wont give Pike a chance because there are so many great quarterbacks ahead of him????
Maybe its time for management changes at the panthers...I think the problem lies there...think 5-11 then you will see the truth

Anonymous said...

"Calm down people. All we've seen so far is what our offense would look like without the man, the legend, Steve Smith. Our offense should look a lot more like it did with Moore in the last 5 games of last season than it does right now without Smitty. "


Stick a fork in him. He was done even before he broke his arm. Trade the chump if you can. The last few games last yr were against playoff bound teams playing their scubs. Some are clueless. Freebies.

John said...

Some of you folks need a little perspective. This team is playing without key starters on offense. They are deliberately not showing much on offense because they have to play both of these team for real later. Now I will say game planned or no they should be able to pick up a blitz that they should be expecting. But let's keep in mind that we played the first string of a couple of the best D's in the league. What did you expect?

The D looks great. Those are two very good lines and they did well against them. They looked good in pass defense this game as well. Of course returning starters helps.

Special teams are not so good. Need lots of work.

As for Jake I wonder how he did in preseason with us? Well there were no interceptions, he completed 64% of his passes and had a QB rating of 88.2. How did he finish again? Oh yeah 55% completion, 18 ints and a rating of 59.4. I'd wait before I talked to much trash personally.

The Smitty washed up thing isn't even worth addressing it's so ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

What an idiot. You are so right. Its not like the other LBs or DBs would ever make it a point to hit or try to re-injure that broken arm right? Afterall the NFL is a club. They would never hurt each other for any reason. Yo boy is washed up and first time he gets hit on the sore spot he will be favoring it the rest of his career and be a non-factor.

John said...

Well Anonymous they are having a special guard made for his forearm that will protect the area. Further bones often reset stronger than they were pre-break. Lastly the break was in a different place than the last one. I'd suggest you learn a little something about something before you comment on it.

And with all that let's remember he broke the arm after the catch, held on after taking another hit on that arm and made the score. I am not to worried about him or the arm.

Anonymous said...

He was a non-factor as he stated it way before the arm mainly because he is such a shortie and last season the teams finally began to double team him and render him a non-factor plus he refuses to play defense or go get the ball. Arm guard? LOL. Never played the game have you? They are ok for a lineman but not a skill player if thats what you call him.
Besides one heavy hit on that arm and its curtains anyway.
Its over.

John said...

Actually I did play. From junior high through to my time playing in the military. Since they are designing it for him specifically I bet it will work. He stated he was a non-factor when they weren't getting him the ball. I mean if you are going to take things out of context, because you don't have a leg to stand on, at least try it with something that hasn't been so thoroughly covered already.

You're not very good at this debate thing are you?

Anonymous said...

"Actually I did play. From junior high" through to my time playing in the military."

LOL. Junior high? They changed the system 40 yrs ago from junior high to middle school. If you return 40 yrs ago you didnt have to graduate from high school to join the military. Are you are a high school dropout? Did you join at age 16? You played in the military? Tag football as a grunt? Pads and cletes? What a laugh. What position? What scheme? What play patterns? You seem ignorant about the game.

"Since they are designing it for him specifically I bet it will work."

Are you a prosthesis or medical physician expert? Who is "they"? Sound like a quack. "you bet"? Sounds like a cliche general nothing of a comment. Rejected.

"He stated he was a non-factor when they weren't getting him the ball."

Thats exactly what he said after he was doing poorly last season when they double teamed him and he could do nothing. JD got the blame only.

"I mean if you are going to take things out of context,"

Noting was taken out of context. Those are his words. Its a simple comment for simpletons from a simpleton.

"because you don't have a leg to stand on,"

Another common simpleton crackerjack high school drop out type uneducated meaningless drivel comment and illogical.

"at least try it with something that hasn't been so thoroughly covered already. "

There is no logic to that comment. Are you setting up a straw man and knocking it down to mke your weak bogus case? You are a joke.

"You're not very good at this debate thing are you?"

No comprende. There you do again with that simpleton talk. What is your education level? The school of hard knocks? Military grunt education? Did you learn it all in "junior high"? LOL
Come back when you get an IQ above 80.

What a waste of time these uneducated losers are.

Anonymous said...

We paid Jake $7.4 mil last year. He had 8 TDs and 18 INTs. This equates to $284,615 per Interception & Touchdown in 2009.