Sunday, November 7, 2010

Panthers waste chance, still trail 7-3

Carolina just had a good scoring opportunity but blew it as New Orleans leads 7-3 early in the second quarter.

Tyrell Sutton, on his first carry of the season, bulled through a couple of tackles and went for more than 30 yards to set Carolina up at the New Orleans 23.

From there, though, Carolina ran Mike Goodson twice for a total of one yard and then Matt Moore -- with five receivers and an empty backfield on third-and-9 -- made a poor overthrow while trying to hit Dante Rosario deep.

That brought in John Kasay for what seemed to be an automatic 40-yard field goal -- Kasay misses so rarely -- but he hooked it wide right. The kick, in fact, was almost exactly the same length and missed in the same way as the FSU kick at the end of the North Carolina game Saturday.

So it remains 7-3, New Orleans, as Carolina's scoring problems continue.


Anonymous said...

richardson should of rolled over and died when he had that heart transplant.....go and erase my comment but i mean what i say. this is team is terrible and i speak for alot of fans that want richardson and the rest of the team gone.

Anonymous said...

how do ya'll feel getting booed repeatedly at home? ya'll fucking suck. move your team to a real city.