Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The downside of Stephen Jackson (and other notes)

3 notes on a Tuesday:

1) If I'm Larry Brown, I'm starting to get borderline furious with Stephen Jackson these days. Jackson has six technicals already this season (tied for the NBA lead) and got tossed out for two straight less than five minutes into a very winnable game at Milwaukee Saturday night. This is the downside of Jackson -- he's a combustible mix of confidence and paranoia. Too confident as in "If I didn't make that, I must have been fouled." Too paranoid, as in "Because of my past history, the refs are out to get me."

UPDATE: Jackson just got suspended by the NBA for Charlotte's Wednesday night game against New Orleans, so the fit he threw in Milwaukee ultimately will cost Charlotte two games (and quite possibly contribute to two losses). Jackson also loses about $100,000 due to the suspension, which is 1/82nd of his $8.4 million salary. Doesn't seem right, does it, that 1/82nd of Jackson's salary is more than most people make in a year, period?

2) I thought this was a funny line from Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Bud Shaw after Jake Delhomme shakily won his first game as a Brown over the Panthers Sunday: "If Delhomme were your ambulance driver, he would get you to the emergency room. No worries. That wouldn't be the problem. The two collisons and blown tire along the way would."

3) Very glad to see the ACC championship game in Charlotte for the first time this Saturday night, although I'm sorry N.C. State spit the bit last week against Maryland. A Virginia Tech-State matchup would have had more local juice, but nationally I suppose the Va Tech-FSU matchup we now have would likely draw a slightly higher TV rating. And either way, the game's sold out.


D Merritt said...

Congrats to Mr. Webb and all his gang for bringing this great event to Charlotte!

Ed Nailor said...

Hey Scott! Thank you very much for sharing the comment about Jake. This is so true!

Hope all is well for you and your family. From mine to yours, have a Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't categorize Jackson as paranoid. There is validity that the refs are out to get him. Unfortunately he plays into them everytime!

Anonymous said...

It's about time. He complains after every foul, no matter how obvious it is.

What a douche!

Anonymous said...

Jackson is a "whiner" no doubt!

However Scott you obviously do not watch the games. If you say you do well I would have to say you need glasses or "Pay Attention". All the players have been getting beaten up every game and touch fouls for the opponent.

This is a Biased opnion ,but it is obvious to see David Stern would hate to see the Bobcats in the playoffs again. That is why(one reason) he has implemented the new rule.

And how did Jack deserve a suspension?

Basically he(Stern) is going to try and influence the outcome of games, over the season to determine who is playing in the post season and No One can complain.
Bobcats do not have a Star to promote and we are Small Market, bad combination.

If you don't think this is possible than you have not watched enough Basketball to appreciate.