Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bad Jake has resurfaced; Panthers close to within a point

Cleveland QB Jake Delhomme came close to a couple of turnovers in the first half against Carolina and never committed any. But he has turned into "Bad Jake" in the first three minutes of the second half -- he has been intercepted twice, and the second was returned by Captain Munnerlyn and run back 37 yards for a touchdown.

Carolina could have gone for 2 and tried to tie the game, but instead had John Kasay kick the extra point, so the Panthers trail, 21-20. The crowd at Cleveland Browns Stadium booed Delhomme after the last interception.

Delhomme also was picked off by LB Jon Beason on the first offensive play of the third quarter, but that didn't cost the Browns any points. Beason returned the ball to the 30, but Carolina couldn't get anything going on offense and then Kasay missed a 46-yard FG.


DL said...

Good to see Jake competing passes to the Panthers again.

Anonymous said...

The more things change...the more they remain the same!!