Sunday, November 14, 2010

Panthers cut Tampa lead to 7-3

John Kasay's 46-yard field goal with 52 seconds left in the first quarter just cut Tampa Bay's lead to 7-3.

The field goal was set up mostly by Carolina's defense. After a Jason Baker punt, Carolina forced Tampa Bay six yards backwards in 3 plays (thanks to an Everette Brown sack, his first of the season). Tampa Bay punted from its 5 only to its own 42.

The Panther offense converted one third down -- on a Jimmy Clausen to Brandon LaFell pass -- but then was undone by two straight false-start penalties.

Kasay came in on fourth-and-12 to kick a 46-yard field goal and at least ensure there would be no shutout.

So, at the end of one quarter:

Tampa Bay 7, Carolina 3.

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