Sunday, November 14, 2010

Panthers slice Bucs lead to 21-13 in 3rd Q

Carolina's offense continues to play slightly better than expected, while the defense is playing a good bit worse. The Panthers just got the first score of the third quarter -- a 28-yard John Kasay field goal with 4:28 left in the third period to cut Tampa Bay's lead to 21-13.

The 69-yard drive was keyed by a 34-yard pass from Jimmy Clausen to Steve Smith that was thrown in the only place Clausen could have put it to have a completion. Mike Goodson also had a nice run and now has 98 yards rushing today.

The Panthers stalled on third-and-3 from the 11, though, when Clausen threw incomplete toward Dante Rosario.

Now Carolina would need a TD and a two-point conversion to tie the game, and that assumes the Panthers hold Tampa Bay out of the end zone (not a good assumption so far today).

Still, at least the Panthers aren't totally out of the game as of yet and we're deep in the third quarter -- that's a lot better than last week.

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