Sunday, November 28, 2010

5 notes (and a prediction) before Panthers-Browns game

I'm in Cleveland -- where gametime weather is supposed to be sunny and in the 40s -- while awaiting the Panthers-Browns game. Here are 5 few notes about it and my prediction (which I forgot to post as usual on Friday -- oops!):

1. Here's my column on Browns QB Jake Delhomme -- still feels weird writing that -- in advance of today's game. Delhomme says he will always consider himself a Panther, but you can bet he will try like crazy to beat Carolina today.

2. The last time the Panthers played in Cleveland was in 2002, when they won 13-6 to break an eight-game losing streak in John Fox’s first year. I barely remember that game, but I do remember racing to Akron from Cleveland in a rent-a-car right after it was over so I could cover LeBron James for the first time.

LeBron was playing in high school then and already a phenom. He was so popular many of his games were on pay-per-view in Ohio for $7.95 a pop. All of Ohio loved him and hoped he would one day play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Man, a lot has happened in the intervening eight years.

In that game, incidentally, LeBron had 21 points, 14 rebounds and did a number of on-court pushups for violating his coach’s “no-cursing” rule.

3. Weird stat: the Browns have beaten every team in the NFL except Carolina. The Panthers are 3-0 in this very occasional series.

4. It will be fun to watch Mohamed Massaquoi (formerly of Independence High) play today for Cleveland. Massaquoi and Hakeem Nicks (also of Independence and now of the New York Giants) are the best two high-school receivers I’ve ever covered. Best running back? Nick Maddox of Kannapolis A.L. Brown (who was on Panthers' practice squad awhile but never made it into an NFL game like the other 2).

5. I’m 7-3 picking the outcome of Panthers’ games this season, mostly by picking them to lose. Today’s pick is in the same vein: Cleveland 17, Carolina 9.


Anonymous said...

If the Panthers know whats good for them, they'll play whoever gives them the worst chance to win...we need the #1 pick

Dan W. said...

When will this old, lame ass owner address the PSL ticket owners?

Someone with the Observer needs to start asking tougher questions when it comes to the future of these Carolina Kittens!

Dwayne Jarrett said...

I predict Marty Hurney will probably end up keepping his job and he will continue to make bone head draft decisons. That's my prediction.

Anonymous said...

Only word I'm hearing, from a source in the organization, is that Hurney was resigned for 3 more years. Same source was afraid to even talk about the team and said everyone is laying very low around the Panther offices.

Curtis said...

I have no real hope/expectation for a win today. That being said, I am looking forward to seeing if Jimmy can continue to show improvement. I think these next few games are time for him to show he can be a NFL QB...the "rookie-not-used-to-the-speed" excuse can't go on through the rest of this season.

Here's a if Fox so thoroughly believes Pike can't cut it in game action - so much so he brings in BSP and that other dude - why even have him on the roster? If you can't play him what is the point of having him?