Sunday, November 14, 2010

Panthers cut Tampa lead to 21-16 at end of 3rd Q

Carolina keeps hanging around in this game -- it's going to make people actually pay attention to the 4th quarter of a Panther game (at least for awhile). Crazy, I know.

John Kasay just connected on his third field goal of the game -- this one a 48-yarder -- to cut Tampa Bay's lead to 21-16.

The offense wasn't a bit responsible for that field goal -- it was mostly special teams. Carolina nailed Tampa Bay's kick returner at its own 9 after Kasay's earlier field goal. Then the defense stopped the Bucs and Captain Munnerlyn sped 37 yards with a punt return to set Carolina up inside the Bucs' 35.

The offense gained only 2 yards in 3 plays, bringing on Kasay again.

As the third quarter draws to a close, it is:

Tampa Bay 21, Carolina 16.

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Jennifer said...

They should take the salaries of at least three of the Panthers players and give it to John Kasay...

Almost a given EVERY time...

Its actually been an interesting game to watch today!!

And yes I know we have another whole quarter....just saying..