Sunday, November 21, 2010

Panthers cut Baltimore lead to 20-6

After Captain Munnerlyn's 64-yard kickoff return to the Baltimore 25, Carolina had the best chance it will probably get to score a TD.

Mike Goodson's first run went for 12 yards, and the Panthers had first and 10 on the Baltimore 13. After that, though, the normal Carolina offense kicked in -- a four-yard loss on a Goodson run, a false start on Dante Rosario and two incomplete passes.

So John Kasay's 40-yard field goal just cut Baltimore's lead to 20-6. Both teams have had quick field goals in the third quarter, but it looks like for Carolina to score a TD in this game it will probably have to be by the defense or special teams.


Anonymous said...

Does Fox even want to win this game or let get a head coaching job elsewhere?

Mike G is having a solid game, Brain S P is horrible. Why is every QB on this team use as game managers.

Anonymous said...

Wow great pass to David G on 88 yards. Can we see more on that instead of always run,run,pass,punt?

Doc B said...

I think St Pierre is doing a pretty good job ... offensive line needs to help a bit ... but he has made some very smart choices/moves.

Anonymous said...

The Oline in pass protection is solid. Smith was open on the last play, he had all day to look for him.