Sunday, November 28, 2010

Carolina's defense playing better; Panthers still trail 21-20

The Panthers' defense, after playing terribly for the early part of the game, is now keeping Carolina in it while waiting for at least one more score from the offense.

With fourth-and-1 from the Carolina 25 and 11:40 to go in the game, Cleveland (holding a 21-20 lead) called timeout and then decided to go for it. But the Panthers, who have had trouble all day with Cleveland RB Peyton Hillis (all 3 Cleveland TDs), stopped Hillis outright on the play and took over the ball.

Things had settled down somewhat after Jake Delhomme's two quick interceptions on his first two passes to open the third quarter. After Carolina cut Cleveland's lead to 21-20, both teams muddled around for the rest of the quarter without mounting any serious threats or causing any more big turnovers. Carolina's offense has done very little in the second half, with the Panthers' only points coming on Captain Munnerlyn's 37-yard pickoff return for a TD.

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Anonymous said...

The offensive line is going to get Clausen seriously hurt.