Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bucs extend lead to 24-16

Tampa Bay just lengthened its lead back to 8 points, getting a 32-yard field goal from former UNC kicker Connor Barth to take a 24-16 lead.

The Panthers D at least held Tampa Bay out of the end zone, keeping this a one-possession lead, but the Bucs were able to control the ball on a six-minute drive.

With 10:02 left, then, Jimmy Clausen and the offense is a touchdown and two-point conversion away from tying the game. That's a pretty tall order -- but then again the offense has already scored its third-highest point total of the season.


Anonymous said...

run, run, pass... run, run, pass... run, run, pass... I think I am memorizing the Panthers play calling for future reference.

Anonymous said...

puff, puff, pass... puff, puff, pass... this may as well be the Panthers play calling.

Jeff said...

I'm still not sure why the Panthers insist on having the best quarterback in I-AA history learn two positions he's never played before in his life. Armanti is faster, quicker, and has a stronger and more accurate arm than any of their quarterbacks. Did I mention his 2 National Championships?