Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Orleans now up 34-3

The Saints just keep rolling -- they've now scored 34 points in a row and lead, 34-3, with 8:12 still to go in the game. The latest: a 1-yard TD run by Ladell Betts after Richard Marshall committed a pass-interference penalty in the end zone.

It's the most points the Saints have scored this year, and it emphatically ends John Fox's streak of never losing twice in the same season to New Orleans.

The Panthers have been pretty terrible in every respect in the second half, but as usual the offense is leading the way in nastiness.

Quarterback Tony Pike is now coming out for his second series, with Jimmy Clausen in a baseball cap on the sideline -- not hurt, but John Fox obviously wants to see what Pike can do.


Anonymous said...

What a joke of an offense(philosophy mainly), your defense gives you great field poition with the int.

To only settle for a field goal? Does Fox even care about seeking a head coaching job elsewhere?

Every week/year the same borning offensive scheme. The Bills are more competitive on offense than this team.

All 20 other teams can adjust to set the offense up for succeess.

Anonymous said...

This is the worst Carolina Panthers team in history.

They make me wish for 2001 all over least our offense could score back then.

Paul said...

Fire someone, anyone please!