Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tampa Bay blasting Carolina 20-3 at end of 3rd

The Panthers are going to lose this game -- it's only a question of by how much at this point.

Carolina got absolutely nothing done in the third quarter. It seemed to run only 2 offensive plays -- the plunge into the middle for 1 yard and the Jake Delhomme short-hop throw to the feet of a running back when he's about to get sacked.

The Bucs, meanwhile, will start the fourth quarter on the Carolina 6. The Panther defense hasn't played terribly today, but it's been only mediocre and now looks to be wearing down. The offense and the special teams have been atrocious, though, and that's why both these teams are going to be 4-2 as soon as 15 more minutes go by on the clock.


Karl said...

The Panthers should just quit, right now. This is utterly embarrassing and they should be ashamed of how they are playing.

They better get their act together before next week's game, or what could have been a division-winning season is rapidly going to turn into yet another disappointment. And Fox and Hurney better start getting their resum├ęs updated; if we don't make the playoffs this season, Richardson needs to look for new, inspired leadership.

Bengoodfella said...

Karl it would be more embarrassing and shameful if the Panthers quit right now. They have lost one game, so I am not sure about the season rapidly turning into yet another disappointment.

I think every Panther fan is really disappointed by the let down game that seems to always happen to the Panthers and the fact they can't put together two dominant performances in a row.

I don't think you should fall back on the "Hurney and Fox need to update their resume" line. If this happens a couple more times this year, I would definitely agree with you, but let's let them choke one more year before going on the talk radio "fire everyone including the janitor" rant.

It is upsetting the Panthers seem to fall apart completely in a game or play exceedingly well.

Jermel said...


I had a feeling this game would end up this way, but I had no idea they would come out this flat. I think the coaching staff was unprepared for this game. I can't understand why they think they can rush 4 guys and play zone all game. Even if they can cover the receivers, in a zone scheme, a decent quarterback will eventually find the open man, and that's what Garcia did today.

Dante Rosario probably had the worst game of his career. Allowing a punt block for a TD and droping a 3rd down pass that could have shifted the momentum of the game, and what was Delhomme thinkig with that 2nd down Hail Mary at the end of the half with his team in scoring position. The Panthers still have some kinks to work out. Next week's practices should be very uncomfortable. No smiles and no laughing. All business.