Sunday, October 26, 2008

Carolina 27-23 after Beason interception early in 4th

The Panthers finally rattled Kurt Warner a little. It looked like Arizona was about to take the lead early in the fourth quarter in this topsy-turvy game, but then Warner -- inside the Carolina 20 -- threw a ball too high for RB J.J. Arrington.

Arrington tipped it, MLB Jon Beason intercepted it and ran nearly 50 yards back to midfield. Carolina got one first down and then got stopped, but John Kasay kicked a field goal, and that made it 27-23, Carolina.

Carolina has now scored on its last four possessions and five of its last six. And since Arizona botched an extra point after its last TD, the Cardinals need a TD, not a FG, to have a chance.

There's a little moore than nine minutes left, and Rhys Lloyd just kicked the kickoff off the goalpost -- that means he nearly made an 80-yard field goal (which wouldn't have counted, but still would have been cool.


Michael said...

It must be said: John Fox did a heck of a job "not making halftime adjustments" today. And the team really had a tough time "overcoming adversity" when they went down two TDs. We should definitely fire him and clean house.

Lauren said... are so smart...Let's fire the only coach to get us to the case you haven't checked lately. We are 6-2, which means we only need to win 3 more games to get into the playoffs. I hope you aren't a fan because if you are we would be better off without you!!!!!

wordmunger said...

Here's a question: If the Panthers are down by 2 with 3 seconds to go in a football game and the ball is on the 50 -- should they attempt a field goal with Rhys Lloyd? A 67-yarder would seem to be a possibility for him. That might be a better option than a hail-Mary to Smith.