Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On NFL and why Ford should stay on the farm

Two quick thoughts for a Tuesday:

1) Did you see the New York Giants and Eli Manning (above) get hammered last night, 35-14, by the previously woeful Cleveland Browns? Such a victory is good news for the Panthers and, by extension, the rest of the NFC. The Giants had previously looked like a cinch to clinch the No.1 playoff seeding in the NFC. Now they look vulnerable.

The Giants have one loss and there are six teams right behind them at 4-2, including Carolina (see the NFL standings here).

Despite the Panthers’ 27-3, slip-on-the-banana-peel loss to Tampa Bay, the team is in decent shape right now if it can start scoring points again -- see my column on that subject here. Carolina is currently 23rd in the NFL in points per game). But at least Carolina doesn’t have a major injury of the sort that Dallas is contending with right now in Tony Romo’s broken pinkie finger.

2) I will respectfully disagree with my good friend Tom Sorensen’s premise in today’s Charlotte Observer that Danny Ford is the right choice at Clemson to replace Tommy Bowden. Ford gives Clemson folks a nice, nostalgic feel, yes -- much like listening to a radio station that specializes in oldies from the 1980s.

But Ford has been out of the game too long. He needs to stay on the farm. Bringing him back as head coach would bring the Tigers closer to another NCAA probation than to another national championship. I’d rather see Clemson hire Vanderbilt’s Bobby Johnson or Wake Forest’s Jim Grobe.

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me said...

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Anonymous said...

Danny Ford could do the job if offered to him. Legends such as Ford were mentors under even greater ones such as Paul Bear Bryant. If the players thought Bowden was tough oh my.